Annual Revenue Estimator for SaaS businesses

How to calculate annual revenue for your SaaS

Annual revenue is the most obvious and important number any entrepreneur thinks about. After all, we're in it to make some sweet money 💵 🤑 💵 !

This calculator helps you estimate your annual revenue for a SaaS - or really any subscription-based business. It also takes into account the payment processing fees as well as foreign exchange fees. You can even share your scenario with friends by copying the full URL.

Just in case you're wondering how we're calculating the annual revenue, here's a quick example calculation assuming you charge 100 customers $49 per month via Stripe. Since you charge US dollars, but live in Spain, you're also paying Stripe a 2% foreign exchange fee.

First, you multiply 100 customers by $49, which makes for a monthly gross revenue of $4,900. You then multiply $4,900 by 12 months, which gives you an annual gross revenue of $58,800.

Finally, you deduct Stripe payment fees from the gross revenue. Including FX fees, you'll pay Stripe 4.9% of all revenue - or $2,881.20. Additionally, you pay a $0.30 fee for each payment.Since you have 100 customers paying monthly, you pay 1,200 * $0.30 = $360. In total you're paying Stripe $3,241.20.

Deduct that from $58,800 and you get the final result of $55,558.20 of annual revenue.

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