Implementing just one of the strategies in the book generated over $50,000 in revenue for my SaaS business.

The SaaS-Struggle is Real

What should have been the fulfillment of your "passive income" dreams - your own SaaS app, has become a nightmare that keeps you lying awake. You've been trying for months to achieve any meaningful growth, but you're struggling hard to even keep it level.

It feels like your app has more marketing problems than it has features and your users are churning left, right, and center. Your app is making modest revenue, but you need to at least double that number to achieve your goals.

Boost Your MRR by Leveraging Emails

Stop searching for that one feature that will send your SaaS on a hockey stick trajectory. It won’t happen. To double your revenue you need to double down on marketing.

This book teaches you how to set up a world class email marketing funnel – e.g. how to:

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Why you should invest in Email Marketing

I could go on and on about how awesome I think email marketing is and how much it has helped *me* grow my SaaS products, but I'll just let the numbers speak for themselves:

Even on social media's home turf - customer acquisition - email beats the crap out of social. But email goes way beyond social in its flexibility: You can use it for acquisition, activation, retention, and referral no problem.

In the Saas Email Marketing Handbook I show you step-by-step how you can leverage email's potential in every single area.

What I liked best is your straightforward and actionable explanation of personalization. I also really appreciated the templates - I have used them extensively.

Who this book is NOT for

If you fit into these categories, this book is not written for you. You will get some value from it, but you might be better off with other books.

Who this book is for

If these criteria apply to you, then this book is just for you. You will get a fantastic ROI on purchasing the SaaS Email Marketing Handbook:

In other words you're like me and run a pretty typical solo-founder self-funded software startup.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Who this book is NOT for
  • Who this book is for
  • Part 1: How You Can Leverage Email Marketing
  • Why Email Marketing beats the shit out of traditional marketing
  • General email marketing concepts
  • Part 2: Getting more leads
  • Getting into the right mindset for cold emails
  • Compiling a list of prospective customers
  • Crafting the perfect email templates
  • Reaching out to prospective customers
  • Part 3: Boosting visitor-to-trial conversions
  • Nurturing your leads with drip email campaigns
  • How to structure your drip email campaign
  • What topics to focus on in your drip email campaign
  • Writing the perfect drip email campaign
  • Boosting your conversion rate with Signup Abandonment Emails
  • Part 4: Helping Your Users On Board
  • Finding the Minimum Path To Awesome
  • Leading your users along the Minimum Path To Awesome
  • Lifecycle Emails during the trial phase - what to send when
  • Increasing trial-to-paid conversion rates by taking it slowly
  • Part 5: Keeping Your Customers Happy & Engaged
  • Getting more customers by fostering word-of-mouth promotion
  • Increasing retention by getting your customers promoted
  • Improving cashflow and slashing churn by switching to annual prepay plans
  • Anticipating dissatisfaction and preventing cancellations with Customer Happiness Index
  • Part 6: Ending a Relationship on good terms
  • Learning from your lost customers
  • Upselling lost customers to a Done-For-You plan
  • Winning back lost customers by offering lower plans

Why you will love this book

The SaaS Email Marketing Handbook is not an academic report filled with high-level views and a bunch of formulas only a professor could enjoy. It ain't written for the delight of wannapreneurs who like to read about the glory of Mark Zuckerberg and how to build a multi-million dollar business.

The SaaS Email Marketing Handbook is written for you - the SaaS founder. You don't plan to write your thesis on email marketing and are looking for sources. You need a step-by-step guide with just the right amount of background information to inform your decisions. You need ideas to address your most pressing problems - and templates to rapidly execute on them.

This book offers you just that: Great ideas for building the best email marketing funnel possible for your business - combined with email templates, necessary background information, and actionable advice to implement each strategy.

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Propel your MRR to new heights. Learn the essential techniques for great email marketing automation.

Perfect for SaaS founders who:

  1. Are looking for ideas
  2. Have achieved at least some success
  3. Want to grow their business

The book is delivered as PDF. ePub and mobi versions are available as well.

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Get additional interviews with successful email marketers that teach you all they know.

Learn the best hacks for:

  1. Converting more subscribers with great email copy writing
  2. Taking care of your email deliverability rates
  3. Improving your cold emailing-fu
  4. and much more...

Also includes audio-only files for consumption on the road or at the gym

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Set up your email marketing automation in minutes with these blueprints.

This includes the following blueprints:

  1. Increase your signup conversion rate by 15% with Signup Abandonment Emails
  2. Activate A/B testing for campaigns, workflows, and emails in Drip
  3. Improve cashflow and retention rates with emails promoting a switch to annual prepayed billing

You'll also receive any future workflows released

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I will personally audit your SaaS email marketing funnel. You'll get numerous recommendations on what you can improve to get more customers and keep them longer.

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Get additional bonuses like:

  • complete email templates mentioned in the book

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If you feel like you didn't get your money's worth or don't like the book, just drop me an email and I'll refund you in full with very few questions asked. ("few", because I want to know how to improve)

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Hi, I'm Christoph Engelhardt.

I've been making things with computers since 1998. I went into business (as a freelancer) at age 19 and have since launched multiple profitable products. I've been in the trenches of building and growing a SaaS business, twice. The latest was, which I sold in 2017. Currently, I am passionate about helping other founders grow their business.

I live near Munich, Germany with my wife. For fun, I ride bike, read books, and tinker (both hardware + software).

PS: If you stop by Munich, let me know and I'll buy you a beer.

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You'll get about one email per week with educational and/or promotional content. Unsubscribe at any time. We'll keep personal data according to our Privacy Policy