Hi, we welcome contributions to this blog. That said we expect certain standards to be met for any submissions.

Target Audience & Topics

Always keep in mind that the audience for our blog is mostly bootstrapped startup founders building a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, new and aspiring entrepreneurs, and folks working in growth at different startups.

Your contribution needs to be of interest to that audience. Good topics are especially email marketing, personalization, marketing automation, and inbound marketing.

Article Length & Uniqueness

We prefer more in-depth articles, which subsequently are a lot longer. Aim for at least 1,000 words in your submission. We prefer research-driven articles and actionable content to something worthy of a Ph.D.

Please provide at minimum a full draft (including all sub-headlines plus talking points for each section) or - even better - a full article.

Your article must be unique, your own creation, and published on this website first. Later (publication date + 7 days) publication on other websites - such as medium.com - are acceptable with our written consent

Formats, Images & Copyrights

We prefer to receive submissions in Markdown, but Word, PDF or other formats are cool as well. Please include all images used in the article with your submission.

By submitting you guarantee that you have the copyright and right to use the provided along with the content on this website.

Credibility, Author Bio & Profile Pic

We assess and accept guest posts based on the professional capacity of the author. You need to have a relevant background and expertise in the space you are writing about.

Please include a full author bio, a profile pic (no avatars, at least 300x300 pixels), and a social media link with each submission.

NO ghostwriters, business writers or similar content creators (unless you write about content marketing)


While we allow contributors to mention their affiliations and professional capacities, posts must be overwhelmingly non self-promotional in nature. Mentions of products and services are to be avoided, unless they are relevant to the subject at hand.

Rule of thumb: If the link is beneficial to the audience, it is probably okay

All links in the content and author bio are do-follow by default. We retain the right to remove (or nofollow) each and every link in your article prior to publication, if we feel you're abusing this.


Please include the target keyword(s) as well as an indication of search volume for the keyword and keyword difficulty with your submission.

Please also include a rough plan of how you are going to promote your content once it is published.


We're looking forward to receiving your contribution at christoph@saasemailmarketing.net