You're a single founder with a small team and you're working your butts off to make your dream of a SaaS business a reality. You're growing and you've achieved product/market fit, but things could go a little bit faster.

You're seing any of these things wrong with your business:

There's a solution to those problems

You can get past most of these problems with the help of email marketing. Run an outreach campaign to get more traffic to your website. Nurture your leads with email courses. Reduce churn with weekly ROI-focused emails. Win back customers with special discount emails.

There's a myriad of ways you can use email to bolster up your business success. But you're probably thinking right now: "Jezz, when am I supposed to get that done? I'm working 26 hours each day already!"

That's what I'm here for: I can help you improve your email marketing without taking away too much of your time.

Working with Christoph made us $2,563.65 in under 30 days - amazing!

Get help with your email marketing

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Signup Abandonment Emails

Signup Abandonment Emails are an often overlooked tool to increase your website's visitor-to-trial-signup rate. Implementing this can improve your conversion rate by up to 36% and get you a ton of additional signups. I've done this for MealMentor and they made more than $2,500 additionally in the first month alone.

Perfect for SaaS products who match the following criteria:

  • B2B self-signup
  • at least 50 signups pro month
  • Average Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) $200+
  • You use Drip for email marketing (preferred, not a hard requirement)

Note: You need to be okay with giving me access to your codebase and existing email marketing solution


Signup Abandonment Emails are sent to visitors who start signing up but don't complete the process.

I've written a detailed article on Signup Abandonment Emails here.

This package includes:

  • Setting up an email marketing plattform such as Drip (if you don't have one yet)
  • Any custom code needed to send two Signup Abandonment Emails
  • Copywriting of the two emails

If you are unhappy with the results, I'll refund your money within the first 60 days.


We will get on at least two Skype calls together:

  1. We will do a short interview, where I will learn about your product, how you currently do email marketing and what you want to achieve. We'll also discuss the level of access to your email marketing tools you'll grant me (e.g. do you want me to log in and look at every single email?)
  2. After you've received the final report, we will get on another Skype call to answer any questions you might still have.

I will take a look at the emails you're sending: outreach, lead nurturing, lifecycle. You'll get a list of suggested improvements on a range of topics:

  • Additional (lifecycle) emails you should be sending
  • Frequency and timing
  • Your email copy
  • Your Calls-To-Action


I will look at your landing pages you use to capture email leads. Among other things I will look at the following elements of your landing pages:

  • The strategy of your landing pages
  • The copy on your landing pages
  • The email capture forms
  • The lead magnets you're offering


We schedule two one-hour calls each month where we discuss your current (email) marketing efforts, your results, possible areas of improvements, and ideas for future projects.


Send any email copy my way and I will check it and edit it to improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Includes unlimited reviews each month


Every month I will do up to three hours of custom work around email marketing for you. Here are a few ideas what I could do for you:

  • Create new lead nurturing campaigns
  • Write email copy for you - e.g. for a newsletter
  • Set up new email marketing campaigns
  • Improve personalization of your marketing emails

If you feel like you didn't get your money's worth, just drop me an email and I'll refund you the last bill in full with very few questions asked. ("few", because I want to know how to improve)


Hi, I'm Christoph Engelhardt.

I've been making things with computers since 1998. I went into business (as a freelancer) at age 19 and have since launched multiple profitable products. I've been in the trenches of building and growing a SaaS business, twice. The latest was, which I sold in 2017. Currently, I am passionate about helping other founders grow their business.

I live near Munich, Germany with my wife. For fun, I ride bike, read books, and tinker (both hardware + software).

PS: If you stop by Munich, let me know and I'll buy you a beer.