SaaS Email Marketing Handbook is launching on Monday, 5 December

I’ve been working on the SaaS Email Marketing Handbook for the past 9 months and I feel confident in the quality of the book by now. Building that confidence took 1-2 months of the book sitting on my hard drive at 99% done and then adding a better introduction :-)

Honestly, I’m quite happy with where the book is right now - it’s full of actionable advice and very little else. You’ll find dozens of ideas to improve your email marketing and take your SaaS to the next level - and the necessary steps to implement the idea.

Additionally, I recorded a number of interviews with knowledgable experts such as Joanna Wiebe, who talks about email copyhacking tips & tricks.

Sadly, I didn’t find time yet to create worksheets for the book. I’ve got something in mind, but there was just too much going on around me. I’ll deliver those after I’ve launched the book. But even without it, you’ll find tremendous value in the book & interviews:

Anyways, here’s the plan: I’m launching the SaaS Email Marketing Handbook on Monday. If you’re a SaaS founder/owner, have more than $1,000 MRR, and you could profit from some seriously badass email marketing advice, then sign up for the mailing list below for a special discount once the book launches (e.g. the Complete package will be available for $145 instead of $195)!

Your business should be enabling your dreams

Your SaaS business should enable you to live the life of your dreams, not give you nightmares. Yet most SaaS products don't make enough to go full-time on it.
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