The 7 Best SaaS Marketing Podcast Episodes

Podcast are awesome: You can listen & learn while commuting or during exercise. I've personally learned a lot from listening to my favorite business podcasts. But let's be honest: Even for top podcasts not all episodes are made equal. That's why I compiled a list of the best SaaS marketing podcast episodes - together with a small summary.

This list is not complete. It never will be - with dozens of new episodes coming out each week. So feel free to reach out and suggest new episodes to be added!

Stair Step Approach to Launching Products - Startups for the Rest of Us - Episode 222

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This episode of Startups for the Rest of Us serves a counter-intuitive purpose: to discourage you from starting a SaaS in the first place!

Why did I put this in a list of podcast episodes on SaaS Marketing? Because SaaS is kinda the holy grail of products right now: predictable revenue, high margin, glamour, everything.

Except it isn't like that at all: It's a ton of work to get to product/market fit, and even more after that. Support is a huge burden (I'd say easily 10x more than one-off products). You need to be already good at marketing - i.e. acquiring traffic and converting it into users.

This episode shows you a way of gradually getting your feet wet in online business - instead of jumping in at the deep end.

Why SaaS Monetization Matters - The SaaS Revolution Podcast

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A great interview with Patrick Campbell, CEO of Price Intelligently, on the topic of picking the right price for your SaaS product. Patrick is in the unique position to have a bunch of data around the topic and the insights on pricing he shares are incredibly valuable.

Self-Service vs. Human-Touch in SaaS - The Startup Chat - Episode 174

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There are two possible routes you can go down with your SaaS app when it comes to marketing and onboarding: Either you go completely self-service or you have some human-touch (i.e. sales team) in the process.

In this episode of the Startup Chat podcast Hiten & Steli talk about the pros and cons of both approaches.

Why SaaS revenue is more valuable than traditional sales - a16z podcast

Andreessen Horowitz is a leading Venture Capital company with investments in AirBNB, BuzzFeed, Facebook, and many more. It's safe to say they know what they are doing and their podcast is showing it.

In this episode of a16z podcast they discuss the reason so many founders want to do a SaaS business: Because SaaS revenue is more valuable than traditional sales.

How to increase CLTV - The Startup Chat - Episode 205

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Hiten & Steli are two amazing founders - with about half a dozen launched businesses between them. Especially interesting is that their skillsets are so complimentary: Steli is an excellent outside sales expert, while Hiten's strong suite is inbound sales.

All this is to say: This podcast is always worth a listen. In this episode Hiten and Steli talk about ways to increase your customer lifetime value.

How SaaS Companies scale into hyper-growth - SaaStr Podcast - Episode 46

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In this episode of the SaaStr podcast Aaron Ross, author of "Predictable Revenue" & "From Impossible to Inevitable", talks about what is needed to go pedal to the medal with growth in a SaaS company. Lots of intelligent insights on sales specialization, ownership, and product/market fit.

Dealing with toxic customers - Startups for the Rest of Us - Episode 341

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We all love the 99% of our customers who are super friendly and just plain fun to work with. And we all dread that <1% toxic customers. Alas, they are a given in the business and you have to deal with them.

In this episode of my favorite podcast, Rob and Mike give some amazing tips on dealing with toxic customers.

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